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Clé en main

( Season 1 )
Whether it is their bold style, historical relevance, aesthetic quality or ingenious design that makes them stand out, these homes in British Colombia are definitely worth a visit. Evelyne Charuest invites us to take a tour of some truly exceptional houses. Prepare for real lesson in architecture!


A bourgeois haunting

Prepare to shiver at Holten Manor in Revelstoke. Built in 1897, the house, with its imposing Victorian-style porch, was hand-decorated by a Swedish craftsman who carefully carved thousands of intricate details. The cream of society once attended its parties and it's said to be haunted. We leave Evelyne to verify...

Presented by: Evelyne Charuest.
A distinguished garage

In the Kootenays, Evelyne explores the Modern Lake Retreat, affectionately known as "the garage". Built in 2005, deep in a clearing and in total coherence with nature, it presents a skilful blend of curves and straight lines on two floors. Here, no service needed...

Presented by: Evelyne Charuest.