Ça roule en cuisine

( Season 2019 )
At the wheel of her food truck, Sophie Menut travels through Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne to discover the emblematic products of the regions. She meets the local producers, caterers, cooks, pastry chefs and artisans, then creates a recipe in the company of a guest.


Sébastien Gillmann (Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin)

In Strasbourg, Sophie Menut meets the innovative pastry chef Sébastien Gillmann to discover his gourmet creations with their unique design by Sonia Verguet. Sébastien presents two of his favourite places: a micro coffee-roasting shop and Renaud Schneider's restaurant.
The recipe: crème brûlée with caramel and streusel.

Presented by: Sophie Menut.
Anne Dutriez (Bar-Le-Duc, Meuse)

In Bar-le-Duc, Sophie Menut meets Anne Dutriez who continues to maintain a tradition dating back nearly seven hundred years: making currant jam from fruit that has been hand-seeded using a goose feather.
The recipe: escalope of duck foie gras with currant jam.

Presented by: Sophie Menut.
Jonathan Birkenstock (Volmunster, Vosges)

Sophie Menut has a rendezvous with Jonathan Birkenstock, chef at the gastronomic restaurant L'Argousier, in Volmunster. On the menu: cheese tasting in the field and harvesting vegetables in the organic vegetable garden.
The recipe: tomato and strawberry gazpacho with a fromage blanc mousse

Presented by: Sophie Menut.