C Jamy

( Season 1 )
Arouse our curiosity, question the everyday things that surround us to enlighten us on a wide range of subjects, including the most surprising, nothing escapes the thirst for knowledge of Jamy and his friends.

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.


Voyage au coeur de notre ventre
Journey to the heart of our stomach

A fascinating journey to the heart of the human stomach! What is the microbiota and what does it do for us? What role do probiotics play? How are they linked to our health?

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.
Pourquoi le vélo a-t-il la cote ?
Why is the bicycle so popular?

Why is the bicycle so popular today? And where does the saying "you never forget how to ride a bicycle" come from? Is bicycling in a city really good for your health?

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.