Bonne santé - vignette

Bonne santé !

( Season 2021 )
A no-holds-barred magazine programme looking at health and preventive care. Because everyone can influence their health and wellness by adopting the right behaviour and taking care of their bodies, Prudence Maïdou is joined by health professionals to help us learn more about these important issues.

Presented by: Prudence Maïdou.


Régime alimentaire et maladie chronique
Diet and chronic illness

Focus on the type of diet that can help improve health. Then we discover the Côte d'Ivoire National Association for the Deaf, and get up-to-date on cystitis: a benign but very disagreeable urinary infection.

Presented by: Prudence Maïdou.
Que faire contre les insomnies ?
What remedy for insomnia?

Focus on insomnia with Mapon Mariama Mukuri, aromatherapist and phytotherapist. We then look at traction alopecia before discussing corrective glasses sold without a medical prescription and the risks linked to self-medication involving children.

Presented by: Prudence Maïdou.