Bonne santé - vignette

Bonne santé !

( Season 2 )
A no-holds-barred magazine programme looking at health and preventive care. Because everyone can influence their health and wellness by adopting the right behaviour and taking care of their bodies, Prudence Maïdou is joined by health professionals to help us learn more about these important issues.

Presentation: Prudence Maïdou


Kidney failure

Programme summary:

- focus on kidney failure: how to detect it and prevent it
- hepatitis B
- in Rwanda, using drones to save the lives of women suffering from postpartum haemorrhages

Presented by: Prudence Maïdou.
Stomach ulcers

Programme summary:

- focus on stomach ulcers, a subject raised by a large number of internet users
- the profession of psychologist, with Hortense Aka
- in Burkina-Faso, an encounter with an association that fights for access to healthcare for pregnant women

Presented by: Prudence Maïdou.