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Sous couverture

Filmed in a grand Brussels hotel, Thierry Bellefroid and his team of presenters invite us to get to know a literary personality, the programme's guest. Their news, their life, their work and... all their little secrets when writing.


Sylvain Tesson

An adventurer who loves extreme conditions... Sylvain Tesson is Thierry Bellefroid's guest for "La Panthère des Neiges" (Gallimard). Novel and travel journal, the story of a journey to Tibet, an encounter with the big cat, the reflections of a man about a world where every species seems doomed to extinction.

Presented by: Thierry Bellefroid.
Kenan Görgün

Writing is the only thing he knows how to do. Writer, poet, scriptwriter, director and even songwriter, on average Kenan Görgün publishes a book a year and seems fascinated by all forms of writing. Today Thierry Bellefroid hosts this prolific author for "Le Second Disciple" (Équinox/Les Arènes).

Presented by: Thierry Bellefroid.
Maxime Chattam

Today's guest at the Métropole in Brussels is Maxime Chattam, king of French Noir fiction. In 1976 Agatha Christie left us and was replaced, in a darker version, by Maxime Chattam! Nearly forty books with the Chattam stamp have been published in less than twenty years... A fascinating encounter.

Presented by: Thierry Bellefroid.