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2 hr 10 min
From the Dôme de Paris, the 30th Sidaction presided over by Line Renaud and Jean Paul Gaultier. An opportunity to celebrate 50 years of disco with a host of artists from all musical genres and the participation of several icons of the musical phenomenon emblematic of the 1970s.

Guests: Sheila, Ottawan, The Weather Girls, Patrick Hernandez, The Gibson Brothers, Amanda Lear, M. Pokora, Isabelle Boulay, Jenifer, Ve?ronic Dicaire, Chime?ne Badi, Hyphen Hyphen, Mentissa, Bilal Hassani, E?lodie Fre?ge?, He?le?ne Se?gara, Corine, Marina Kaye...

Presented by: Vincent Niclo, Julia Vignali.