Pandas dans la brume - vignette

Pandas dans la brume

( Season 1 )
We are pandas! This animation series adapted from Tignous´ cartoons expresses current ecological and environmental concerns. A great way to examine the world and society in an approachable and slightly ironic manner, displaying a touch of optimism.

Directed by: Thierry Garance, Juan Rodriguez (season 1, France, 2016)
Screenplay: François Rollin
Based on Tignous´ cartoons
Featuring the voices of Sophia Aram, Vincent Dedienne, François Rollin, Mélodie Orru, Thomas Sagols, Thomas Chabrol, Logan De Carvalho, Robin Causse
Awards: Second prize for best short animation/comedy film at the North Bay Art and Film Festival (United States, 2017); selected at the AAB International Film Festival (India, 2017), at the Gödöllo Nature and Environmental Protection festival (Hungary, 2017) and the Cinemambiente festival in Turin (Italy, 2017)