fort boyard 2020 - vignette

Fort Boyard 2021

( Season 32 )
After a chaotic 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 season returned to a much more classic pattern: teams of six candidates, racing through the fort's passages, no more social distancing... And Père Fouras is back in his watchtower thanks to the B.E.E.F. segment.

Presented by: Olivier Minne.


Équipe Orpheopolis
The Orpheopolis team

Orpheopolis offers support plus financial and material help for the families of police officers who lose one of their number.
With: Laure Boulleau, footballer; Sébastien Chabal, rugbyman; Isabelle Ithurburu, sports journalist; Laurent Paganelli, footballer; Audrey Rossat, motocross rider; Michel Sarran, chef.

Presented by: Olivier Minne.
The Maison des Femmes team

The Maison des Femmes is a centre open to all women in difficulty or victims of violence, offering support, assistance and a listening ear.
With: Brahim Asloum, boxer, actor; Nicole Ferroni, humorist; Agathe Lecaron, television presenter; Nathalie Marquay, television personality, actress; Benjamin Muller, television personality; Marie Perarnau, television personality.

Presented by: Olivier Minne.