fort boyard 2020 - vignette

Fort Boyard 2020

( Season 31 )
A 31st season unique in the history of "Fort Boyard" due to the world-wide health crisis. The pandemic required a wide range of changes to adapt to the new circumstances: six game phases, but one candidate less in each team and eight keys to open the treasure room!


Équipe Lazare
The Lazare team

The association promotes inclusive accommodation by developing non-mixed flat-sharing in a spirit of solidarity. Each flat is occupied by people who have been homeless or very vulnerable and young volunteer workers.
With: Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019; Anne Coste, singer; Jacinthe Madelin, singer; Fabrice Santoro, tennis player; Vianney, singer.

Presented by: Olivier Minne (season 31, France, 2020)
Équipe Fondation HP-HF
The HP-HF Foundation team

The aim of the Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France Foundation is to improve life in hospital for the most vulnerable patients.
With: Vincent Dubois (Les Bodin's), comedian; Jean-Christian Frayssinet (Les Bodin's), comedian; Alex Goude, presenter; Laurent Maistret, "Koh-Lanta" adventurer; Tiga, presenter.

Presented by: Olivier Minne (season 31, France, 2020)
The Tombée du Nid team

The association helps and supports families, raises awareness concerning disability, helps provide structure for local networks and encourages the inclusion of disabled people.
With: Julien Arnaud, journalist; Elsa Esnoult, singer and actress; Gus, illusionist; Sandrine Quétier, presenter; Gérard Vives, actor.

Presented by: Olivier Minne (season 31, France, 2020)