Bienvenue en Corse avec Patrick Fiori

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2 hr
Welcome to Corsica with Patrick Fiori

Rendezvous on the "Island of Beauty" for an exceptional evening with Patrick Fiori. In Ajaccio, and in the company of friends, artists living on the island, he celebrates a Corsican repertoire vibrant with colour that more than ever lends itself to a mix and match of voices and generations.

Directed by: Julien Faustino (France, 2022)
Presented by: Patrick Fiori
With Clément Albertini, L'Avvinta, Bénabar, Patrick Bruel, Laurent Bruschini, Canta U Populu Corsu, Claudio Capéo, Gianluca Cucciari, Diana di l'Alba, A Filetta, Jenifer, Joyce Jonathan, Claire Keim, Delia Lucia, Natali Valli, Soprano, Diana Saliceti, Voce Ventu, Christophe Willem, Ycare,...