( Season 1 )
Discover the behind-the-scenes world of Montreal airport, its innumerable challenges and the professions working in the shadows of air transport.

Directed by: Simone Leduc (Canada, 2019)


Bienvenue à bord
Welcome aboard

The Montreal-Trudeau airport handles flights by more than thirty airlines. A complex logistical system put in place to ensure the optimal management of thousands of travellers, all with different profiles and requirements.

Directed by: Simone Leduc (Canada, 2019)
Voyager autrement
A different way of travelling

Move up to first class and you suddenly realise that not everyone travels under the same conditions. Star, sports team, head of state, unaccompanied minors, but also animals or organs being transported urgently for a transplant, in every case it's essential that the traveller ends up in the right place.

Directed by: Simone Leduc (Canada, 2019)
Entrée en piste
Walking the runway

Runway maintenance is primordial for the operation of any airport. The surfaces have to be free from any residue, which means regular cleaning. And not forgetting the kilometres of grass needing cutting! Plus all those undesirable visitors, such as swallows.

Directed by: Simone Leduc (Canada, 2019)