Sur les murs - generique

Sur les murs

Urban culture in the company of Richard Orlinski! From Paris to New York, from London to Miami, the famous "rule-breaker" offers an immersion in artistic life and a host of fascinating discoveries. Each episode includes an original interview with a French-speaking street artist and the creation of a joint work.

Directed by: Matthieu Valluet, David Amouzegh (France, 2021)


Lisbonne (2)
Lisbon (2)

Richard Orlinski continues his exploration of Portuguese street art with the multistyle graffiti artist Cavalheiro, AKA Styler. We also discover parkour, a sport practised by Daniel Arraia and Rafael Gadé, and meet the artist Paloma Rivière, better known as Bounty.

With Richard Orlinski
Directed by: David Amouzegh (France, 2021)
Amsterdam (1)

In the Dutch capital, universal symbol of tolerance, Richard Orlinski meets up again with his guide, Manon, alias The Cosmic Slut. The artist's favourite subject: women's bodies. Also on the programme: kizomba dancers T-zer and Malcolm Kente, and the BMX rider Twan Van Wijk...

With Richard Orlinski
Directed by: Matthieu Valluet (France, 2021)