Passe-moi les jumelles - vignette

Passe-moi les jumelles

( Season 8 )
« Passe-moi les Jumelles » invites the viewers to take a break and dream. On the line-up: emotions, encounters, travelling, favourites and breathtaking landscapes...


My kingdom for a goat!

Danièle and Pascal decided, over thirty years ago, to settle in the Verzasca Valley, in northern Ticino, to raise goats. When June comes and the goats decide it's time to head up to the mountain pastures, they prepare to spend long months apart.

Directed by: Jean-Marc Chevillard (Switzerland, 2020)
Alice in a land of wonders

Alice Pilastre is a young textile artist and weaver who has settled in Brussels. Also working in paper cutting, she wanted to meet two artists who have specialised in the art: Henriette Hartmann in Lausanne and Suzanne Schlaepfer in Zurich.

Directed by: Manuella Maury (Switzerland, 2020)