Paradis de rouille

Head off to discover unique abandoned places whose remains bear witness to a long-gone industrial past. In four episodes, collectors, biologists and ecologists reveal the secrets of these wrecks and ruins, where nature is slowly reclaiming its rights.


Maritime and railway remains

Boats, trains and planes embody the machine power of the industrial age. Having outlived their usefulness or simply too old, they are abandoned to rust and slowly decompose amidst the silt and weeds. Remains that become sanctuaries for wildlife, witnesses to history and sometimes even works of art.

Directed by: Thierry Berrod (France, 2018)
Military machines: a farewell to arms

Most military equipment, the materials of war, end up as scrap. Once anything that could have caused pollution has been removed, these wrecks become refuges for wildlife and an attraction for the many history buffs, collectors, artists and urban explorers: the "urbexers".

Directed by: Thierry Berrod (France, 2018)
Ghost buildings

Throughout the world: houses stand empty, châteaux lie abandoned and ghost towns are overrun by weeds, moss and wild animals. Today disused, they are gradually blending into the nature that surrounds them. A handful of passionate enthusiasts invite us to explore these extraordinary buildings, each with its own fascinating charm.

Directed by: Thierry Berrod (France, 2018)