Paname - vignette


( Season 6 )
A walk through Paris and the discovery of one of the capital's streets and surrounding areas. During each walk, the spirit and identity of the "City of Lights" are examined through meetings with local people and historical anecdotes.

Presented by: Yvan Hallouin.


Around Place Balard

Yvan Hallouin invites us to join him in visiting the incredible building that houses the Ministry of Defence and the headquarters of the French military forces. But beyond this heavyweight that dominates the district, there are more than a few addresses of infinite value for those with an inquisitive nature.

Presented by: Yvan Hallouin.
Around the Villa des Arts

The visit today takes Yvan Hallouin to the area around the Villa des Arts, a 19th century building that has journeyed through time and many different historical periods and styles yet still remains home to innumerable artists. He begins by exploring some of the unmissable places that surround the Villa.

Presented by: Yvan Hallouin.