nus & culottés - saison 6 - vignette

Nus & culottés

( Season 6 )
Can you really voyage with just a dream, no baggage and no money? That's the challenge that two intrepid and distinctly cheeky adventurers, Nans and Mouts, have set themselves: starting off with literally nothing, for a journey that relies purely on the generosity of the people they meet.


Objectif lac Saint-Jean
Objective Lac Saint-Jean

As they explore Quebec, Nans and Mouts dream of building a cabin on the shores of Lac Saint-Jean. The two adventurers hone their plans; obtain the materials necessary from amongst those stored away in sheds and garages. But where to build their shelter, amidst these hundreds of kilometres of forest?

Directed by: Nans Thomassey, Guillaume Tisserand-Mouton, Charlène Gravel (season 6, France, 2018)