mon enfant, ce heros - vignette

Mon enfant, ce héros

( Season 1 )
The paediatric and child and teenager surgery department at the Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) treats everything from minor ills to chronic diseases. Over a period of six months, between medical treatment and life at home, we follow four young patients with impressive levels of resilience.


Episode 4: Side effects

A minor relapse for Tiago, who confronts this new challenge with courage. Marie can finally get together with her family again, but returning to normal life is far from simple. Jivan realises that his diabetes will never go away. Noliam goes camping with his parents and little sister.

Directed by: Alexandre Lachavanne (season 1, Switzerland, 2021)
Episode 5: Time to go home

Tiago has finally reached the end of the tunnel, and has good news. Noliam's infection has been cured. Next step, a kidney transplant? After a year in hospital, Marie can return to normal life. Jivan reveals his talents with a masterful bagpipe performance and seems to have accepted his diabetes.

Directed by: Alexandre Lachavanne (season 1, Switzerland, 2021)