Les plus beaux treks de France

Les plus beaux treks

An introduction to some of France's most spectacular hiking trails.


Les gorges du Verdon
The Gorges du Verdon

The Verdon "Grand Canyon" is one of the most spectacular beauty spots in Europe, a striking gorge of immense proportions. Following in the footsteps Coralie Goussot, we head off from Allos Lake, along a route that guarantees plenty of thrills, between the Alpine uplands and the landscapes that herald Provence.

Directed by: Laurent Bouit (France, 2019)
Les volcans d'Auvergne
The Auvergne volcanoes

In northern Auvergne, the volcanoes Regional Park, a Unesco heritage site, makes an ideal setting when it comes to hill walking. Fanny Sorbadere, mountain guide and volcanologist takes us on a journey between the lakes and valleys, craters and vertiginous trails.

Directed by: Laurent Bouit (France, 2019)