Les nouveaux nomades - generique

Les nouveaux nomades

( Season 2020 )
From the Mediterranean coast to the Alpine peaks, the banks of the Loire to the shores of the Atlantic and the Pyrenees to the heart of Paris, the new nomads lead us on an exploration of their region, far from the beaten track, to meet those with a real passion.


We join Marine aboard a sardine boat, exactly as a century ago. Accompany Nathalie as she explores the Camargue wetlands. Head off to the La Rochelle aquarium with Éric. In Kamini's footsteps we discover some strange Flemish characters. With Célia, transparency is the key word for her trip near Porto-Vecchio.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias, Nathalie Simon, Éric Perrin, Kamini, Célia Petroni.
In the Larzac, an estate dedicated to the Lusitanian horse. Nathalie rediscovers a fruit that almost disappeared: the Salernes white fig. Cyril takes to the waters of the Loire aboard a "toue", a traditional flat-bottomed boat. Célia explores military remains in Bonifacio. Annecy, the history of the Imperial Palace hotel.

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard, Nathalie Simon, Cyril Hue, Célia Petroni, Laurent Guillaume.