Le goût des rencontres - vignette

Le goût des rencontres

( Season 2 )
Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a vast region, rich in scenery and local "terroir", tales to tell and treasures of every sort. We discover a cuisine that is part of the regional culture, both popular and emblematic.

Presented by: France Oberkampf.


Beef stew with buckwheat "échaudé" in Crozant

After living in the Paris region, Simone, a retired primary school teacher, has returned to her native village of Crozant, in the Creuse. She describes her work with local charities and associations as France helps her prepare a beef stew traditionally served on the final day of the harvest.

Presented by: France Oberkampf.
Confit of roast "cul noir" pork in Ladignac-le-Long

In Ladignac-le-Long, Haute-Vienne, France meets Guy, the village butcher. With him she discovers an emblematic breed of the region, the "cul noir" pig. With Mireille, Guy's wife, she then cooks a traditional "enchaud", a confit of roast pork, served with potatoes and sweet chestnuts.

Presented by: France Oberkampf.