La course folle

A trip to the Magdalen Islands for nine weeks of lobster fishing, an activity of unbelievable intensity. It's a mad race, a race against time that an entire village depends on.


Un métier qui s'apprend
A profession that needs to be learned

For the first time since they've been together as a couple, Agathe has come lobster fishing with Maxime. An experience that will stand her in good stead in her tourism business. Meanwhile, Olivier is manoeuvring the boat; an emotional and exciting day for the future captain!

Directed by: Jean-François Fontaine (Canada, 2019)
Ça sent la fin
The end's in sight

Despite their fatigue everyone is determined to make the most of the season, right to the last minute, except for Olivier, who ends his two days early. For him, it's already time to recover the traps and head back home. Step by step, Agathe continues towards launching her tourism business.

Directed by: Jean-François Fontaine (Canada, 2019)
La course est finie
The race is over

It's time to take stock as everyone gathers up their equipment and begins planning for next year. In the Magdalen Islands, summer's finally arrived, along with the tourists. The fishermen return home for a well-earned rest. Dominic camps in the dunes, Julien, Mireille and Maxime set sail aboard a yacht.

Directed by: Jean-François Fontaine (Canada, 2019)