histoires d'arbres - generique

Histoires d'arbres

( Season 2 )
They stand as markers through time and bear witness to our collective life. From Chile to Senegal, from California to Japan, we set off to discover the planet's most remarkable trees and meet those who protect them.
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The immortal trees

In Tokyo a natural treasure has survived for a thousand years. Probably the oldest Japanese cherry tree, each year its flowering is followed by millions of people. In the Mexican province of Oaxaca, the tree of Tule, a majestic cypress, is probably the largest in the world and still growing.

Directed by: Henri de Gerlache (season 2, France, 2017)
Narrated by: Jacques Gamblin.
The sacred trees

In northern Ethiopia, Aksoum is home to a sycamore fig that is nearly two hundred years old. Once deified, it stands today as an immobile witness to believers' orthodox rites. 4,000 km away, in the Indian state of Punjab, the inhabitants of Cholti Kheri venerate an immense banyan tree.

Directed by: Christophe d'Yvoire (season 2, France, 2017)
Narrated by: Jacques Gamblin.