histoires d'arbres - generique

Histoires d'arbres

( Season 2 )
They stand as markers through time and bear witness to our collective life. From Chile to Senegal, from California to Japan, we set off to discover the planet's most remarkable trees and meet those who protect them.
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The venerable trees

Guardians of a thousand year-old culture, the monkey puzzle tree of Chile and baobab of Senegal are venerable and venerated. Refuge of genies or incarnation of a spirit, they represent a powerful connection with nature and ancestors past. Sepulchre for one, saviour for the other, both inhabited by a mysticism.

Directed by: Yannick Cherel (season 2, France, 2017)
Narrated by: Jacques Gamblin.
The great survivors

In the Redwood Park in California, a giant sequoia escaped felling thanks to Julia Butterfly Hill. On the other side of the Pacific, a few hundred kilometres from Tokyo, a centuries-old juniper tree receives every care and attention from the bonsai master Shinji Suzuki. Two trees that illustrate nature's resilience.

Directed by: Henri de Gerlache (season 2, France, 2017)
Narrated by: Jacques Gamblin.