Echappées belles

( Season 13 )
Discover a city or region, discover a wild country, make a getaway off the beaten track, "Échappées belles" (Great escapes) offers a breath of fresh air to the traveller who sleeps in all of us.

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard, Jérôme Pitorin, Raphaël de Casabianca, Tiga (in turn).


Lyon, for the love of good food

Since 1935 and thanks to the famous culinary critic Curnonsky, Lyon holds the title of "Gastronomic Capital of the World". The city may have known how best to preserve and showcase its traditions, but its gastronomic landscape is today becoming increasingly diversified as it opens the door to new trends.

Presented by: Jérôme Pitorin.
Afrique du sud
Destination South Africa

South Africa is a mosaic of steppes, savannas, mountains, deserts, beaches with turquoise water, cities and small Zulu villages out of time. The country is bathed by two oceans, Atlantic and Indian. Ismaël stops off in Cape Town before visiting the rest of the southern coast.

Presented by: Ismaël Khelifa.
From Saint-Bart's to Dominica

The islands of Saint-Barthelemy and Dominica may share the same Caribbean waters, but each possesses its own identity and its own history. A diversity that often places them poles apart. To the south, Dominica is the "nature" island of the Caribbean, whilst to the north Saint-Bart's concentrates on luxury tourism.

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard.