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Des racines & des ailes - Passion patrimoine

( Season 2020 )
A programme devoted to heritage, history and knowledge, which combines a local focus with the wider picture. The reports feature people with a passion for what they do, cultural professionals and those who are proactive in their lives, who make the link between past and present.


Across Savoy´s landscapes

In the south of Savoy, an impressive line of five fortresses controls access to the Maurienne Valley. The Esseillon forts were built by the Savoyards in the 19th century to protect them from French invasion. The mountain guide Patrick Col displays a genuine passion for this site.

Directed by: François Cardon (France, 2015)
From Mont Lozère to the Aubrac plateau

In the south-east of the département of Lozère, the Malaval cave is Mont Lozère´s hidden treasure. Off-limits to the public, it attracts geologists and cavers from the world over. Though we have known of its existence for centuries, two of its most incredible rooms were only discovered in the 1950s.

Directed by: Katia Chapoutier (France, 2016)