Presenting the portraits of several film directors, "CINÉMAsuisse" pays tribute to the 7th art in Switzerland, a country marked by its geographical, linguistic and social diversity.


Lionel Baier
Lionel Baier

A prolific film-maker, Lionel Baier enjoys trying his hand at everything: documentaries, fiction, experimental films. His audience shares the director's need for urgency, his need to recount a story, inspired by his life or his environment. Lionel Baier heads the film section of the ECAL school of applied arts.

Directed by: Robin Harsch (Switzerland, 2013)
Fernand Melgar

Through his documentaries, Fernand Melgar offers a unique view of Switzerland. Deeply humanist, he questions today's society on the right to suicide, the fate reserved for immigrants. As he himself likes to say: "mine is a politically committed, but not activist, cinema, in tune with Swiss democracy".

Directed by: Pierre-Yves Borgeaud (Switzerland, 2013)
Jean-Louis Roy

Audiences in French-speaking Switzerland know Jean-Louis Roy above all for his reports filmed for the Swiss magazine programme "Temps Présent". Yet this film-director from Geneva has explored many other fields. With the other Groupe 5 film-makers, he enjoyed the significant freedom that the early days of French-speaking television offered his generation to produce outstanding work.

Directed by: Bertrand Theubet (Switzerland, 2015)