Chacun son île - vignette

Chacun son île

( Season 2 )
Large or small, isolated or grouped, well-known or secret, islands are places to dream of. This is, of course, why the tourist industry has made them such popular holiday destinations. A voyage to all four corners of the world, to discover the reality of island life today.


Baranof Islands

Forming part of the Alexander Archipelago, this droplet-shaped string of islands runs parallel to the coast of Canadian British Columbia. A land as nourishing as it is inhospitable, profoundly respected by its residents in search of a peaceful life, firmly anchored in a grandiose and seemingly endless natural landscape.

Directed by: Myriam Berthelet, Étienne Deslières, Michel D.T. Lam, Joanne Robertson, Pierre-Luc Robillard, Mathieu Vachon (Canada, season 2, 2017)
With Sophie Fouron.