Chacun son île - vignette

Chacun son île

( Season 1 )
Large or small, isolated or grouped together, well-known or almost secret, islands are the stuff that dreams are made of, which is why the tourist industry has made them a top holiday destination. We
journey to the four corners of the world to discover the reality of island life today.


Hawaii (Big Island)

Hawaii, or the Big Island, is the largest yet least touristic Hawaiian island despite its disarming beauty. Nicknamed the island of fire and ice due to its snow-capped peaks and active volcanos, its inhabitants worship its nature and their roots.

Presented by: Sophie Fouron.

In 1997, the Soufrière Hills volcano destroyed Plymouth, the capital of the Caribbean island of Montserrat and the southern part of the island became uninhabitable. Since then, the island has been rising from its ashes, showing resilient charm, encouraging tourism and geothermal energy and exporting its volcanic sand.

Presented by: Sophie Fouron.