Cap Sud-Ouest - vignette

Cap Sud-Ouest

( Season 2019 )
From Poitou-Charentes to the Basque country, and from Limousin to the Pyrenees via the Atlantic coast, discover a remarkable site in Nouvelle-Aquitaine through novel and breathtaking images taken from an unusual angle by a camera mounted on a drone.

Presented by: Éric Perrin.


Limoges, art through fire and passion

We head for Limoges, capital of fine porcelain, a city with an exceptional industrial and artisanal heritage. Pressing, bisque-firing, decoration, enamelling and heritage, from working class history to contemporary creation... Éric Perrin invites us to discover arts dating back a thousand years and ancestral skills that are totally modern.

Presented by: Éric Perrin.
The Corniche Basque, unique and fragile

We discover one of the Aquitaine coast's treasures: the Corniche Basque. Eight kilometres of coastal cliffs free of any recent construction. This protected three hundred and sixty-hectare area is the pride of the three districts watching over it: Ciboure, Urrugne and Hendaye.

Presented by: Éric Perrin.