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Bons baisers d'Afrique

Dakar, Cotonou, Kigali, Ouagadougou, Yaoundé, Abidjan, Brazzaville, Bamako... What picture do we have of Africa's major cities? Between tradition and modernity, we discover a thriving urban Africa.


Bons baisers de Bamako
From Cotonou with love

From Lake Nokoué to Ganvié, via the Gate of No-Return in Ouidah or the Great Mosque of Porto-Novo, Cotonou remains forever marked by memories of slavery. But the capital city of Benin is also the birthplace of voodoo, celebrated through the songs of the Gangbé Brass Band.

Directed by: Alexandre Largeron, Koudiedji Sylla (France, 2017)
Bons baisers de Kigali
From Kigali with love

Miraculously surviving its tragic past, Kigali now looks to the future. This determination, borne by the city's resolutely optimistic young generation, has made it the new African Eldorado. The city of a thousand hills is also heaven for cyclists, notably those of the Rwandan national team, headed by Félix Sempoma.

Directed by: Alexandre Largeron, Koudiedji Sylla (France, 2017)
Bons baisers de Yaoundé
From Yaoundé with love

Capital of diversity, Yaoundé's uniqueness comes from its innumerable cultural identities. A wealth recounted by Jean-Emmanuel Pondi, a political analyst loquacious about the history of Cameroon. The city of seven hills was forged by its enterprising young generation, such as Olivier Madiba, creator of the first 100% local video game.

Directed by: Koudiedji Sylla, Adrián Claret-Pérez, Alexandre Largeron (France, 2017)
From Abidjan with love

Buzzing and innovative, the energy of Abidjan always impresses. An identity captured daily by the photographer Joana Choumali. Côte d'Ivoire's largest city is also the capital of African reggae. In the working class district of Yopougon, Tiken Jah Fakoly has dedicated a building to the glory of the Rastafarian philosophy.

Directed by: Koudiedji Sylla, Romain Maleyrot, Alexandre Largeron (France, 2017)
From Brazzaville with love

Capital of the Republic of the Congo, "Brazza the Green" stretches along the right bank of the Congo River, opposite Kinshasa. Rumba, once proudly embodied by Edo Ganga, participates in creating the city's heady beat and warm ambiance, as do the mischievous dandies known as "sapeurs", and the wrestlers.

Directed by: Émilie Darnaud, Adrián Claret-Pérez, Alexandre Largeron (France, 2017)