a la reconquete des forets - vignette

À la reconquête des forêts

By examining five major forests undergoing massive change, we discover how the forests are meeting the environmental and human needs of tomorrow.


Congo, a new deal for the forest

Overexploitation, deforestation and the eradication of native peoples... Just like its Amazonian cousin, central Africa's tropical forest is suffering. Congo-Brazzaville, a country in this region, is fighting to save its forests. Today praised by NGOs worldwide, the Congolese example shows that another form of forestry is possible and even profitable.

Director: Gil Kebaïli (France, 2016)
Sundarbans, the life-giving forest

The Sundarbans mangrove forest runs for a length of 10,000 km2 either side of the Indo-Bangladeshi border. Long neglected and devastated by overexploitation, this huge coastal forest today acts as a great green wall. Comprised of majestic mangroves, it protects the region from climatic hazards.

Director: Guy Beauché (France, 2016)
Tasmania, saving the last of the giants

Supported by the Australian government, Tasmania's major forestry companies have asked UNESCO to de-list thousands of hectares of primal forests. An unprecedented campaign has got underway. With its exceptional geological history, the great rainforest of the Australian island of Tasmania helps to preserve Atlantic biodiversity.

Director: Stéphane Jacques (France, 2016)