a la reconquete des forets - vignette

À la reconquête des forêts

By examining five major forests undergoing massive change, we discover how the forests are meeting the environmental and human needs of tomorrow.


The Landes, seeking a new equilibrium

January 2009. Cyclone Klaus devastates the Landes forest, chiefly comprised of huge pine groves planted in the 19th century, changing its future forever. Today, the exclusive farming of maritime pine is being reconsidered in favour of a sustainable economic solution offering a source of hope for the whole region.

Director: Guy Beauché (France, 2016)
Sundarbans, the life-giving forest

The Sundarbans mangrove forest runs for a length of 10,000 km2 either side of the Indo-Bangladeshi border. Long neglected and devastated by overexploitation, this huge coastal forest today acts as a great green wall. Comprised of majestic mangroves, it protects the region from climatic hazards.

Director: Guy Beauché (France, 2016)