2050 dans votre assiettes

2050 dans votre assiette

( Season 1 )
What if one day water covered all the Earth's surface? What if it never rained again? Each episode of this retro-futuristic series begins with the hypothetical disappearance of something essential to agriculture. An opportunity to explore the possibilities offered by food, farming techniques and the science of the future.

Directed by: Mathieu Quintal, Louis Asselin (Canada, 2017)


Feeding ourselves without bees

The bees are vanishing... At Kopperts, in the Netherlands, they provide glasshouse farmers with access to bumblebees to pollinate their fruit and vegetables. Anatis Bioprotection and Canopée have developed drones which scatter beneficial insects to control nuisance insect varieties rather than using pesticides.

Directed by: Mathieu Quintal, Louis Asselin (Canada, 2017)
Feeding ourselves without a healthy environment

The commercial, oil, agricultural or energy industries are polluting the ground, water and air. The Euglena algae from the young Adam Noble, the living wall biofilters from Nedlaw Living Walls and GenoRem's phytoremediation are all possible depollution, purification or decontamination solutions.

Directed by: Mathieu Quintal, Louis Asselin (Canada, 2017)