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180 jours

From back to school to the end of year ball, we spend 180 days following the daily lives of the pupils at a state school in Quebec. A buzzing hive of activity where teachers, leadership teams and personnel work hard to offer the best possible education.


Repousser ses limites
Episode 10: Going beyond your limits

The recently qualified teaching staff are being sorely tested by the pupils. A new autistic teenager joins the school. Will his integration go as planned? At the same time, the French teacher Sylvie Normand accompanies pupils for the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie race.

Directed by: Mélissa Beaudet (Canada, 2018)
Episode 11: Tools for life

It's the final sprint before the end of year exams. As the leadership team organises a mediation session between the three youngsters involved in the fight and investigates the intrusion of a teenager from another school, the drug prevention specialist suspects a pupil of dealing.

Directed by: Mélissa Beaudet (Canada, 2018)