Claude Chabrol Retrospective

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Dealing with class relations and family dramas, Chabrol portrays an unsettling, sarcastic view of our society.  

Three films, three prizewinning works of art.

Showing Sundays; the 2nd, 9th and 16th of February at 9 pm.

(All times in this article are Paris times) 


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Sunday 2nd February at 9 pm

The first Chabrol film: both a testing ground and smash hit

Coming back to his hometown, a young man tries to rehabilitate his alcoholic and depressed friend. A touching story of a melancholy and unfaltering male friendship despite the passing of time.

Best direction award (Locarno, 1958)


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Sunday 9thFebruary at 9 pm

The journey of a young provincial man in the cynical world of affluent Paris.

Serious and hard-working Charles moves to Paris to stay with his cousin Paul, who is a decadent pleasure-seeking womaniser. Things get worse when Charles falls in love with Florence, while Paul makes her his mistress.

Golden Bear (Berlin 1959)



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Sunday 16th February at 9 pm

Chabrol's "Merci Pour Le Chocolat" has a tainted sweetness to it.

André Polonski is a virtuoso pianist, husband and happy family man. The family balance is upset by the arrival of Jeanne, a young talented pianist who might be André's daughter.

Won Best Actress for Isabelle Huppert (Montreal World Film Festival 2000)


Did you know?

  • Claude Chabrol directed 54 full-length films.
  • Le beau Serge and Les cousins are the first full-length films of the New Wave.
  • Claude Chabrol contributed to the discovery of Isabelle Huppert, who starred in 8 of his films.
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