The new French learning App from TV5MONDE

March 2020
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TV5MONDE launches a completely free mobile application to learn French from video. 

Where can I download the App? 

The app can be downloaded via the Google and Apple App stores. 


What is included in the App? 

The application contains 3,000 free exercises to improve your understanding of the French language using programmes broadcast on TV5MONDE. In total, there are 15 types of exercises (missing word texts, crosswords, multiple choice questionnaires ...) within the App to enable you learn something every day in a different way. From level A1 (Beginner) to level B2 (Advanced), learners become familiar with French as it is spoken all over the world. Environment, fashion, gastronomy, everyday life ... everyone learns according to their needs and interests through oral comprehension, vocabulary or grammar exercises.

The App is unique in the mobile App world due to its original content and the following: 

  • an innovative educational approach 
  • 800 videos
  • 30 topics / themes
  • 4 language levels
  • 15 different types of exercises 

Capture de l'application Apprendre de TV5MONDE


Who is the App suitable for? 

The application is aimed at people over 16 who wish to learn French, anywhere in the world: French language lovers, professionals or students.

The application offers content for all levels, from A1 (Beginner) to B2 (Advanced). The application is also translated into 8 languages: German, English, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

At the beginner level, the "Première classe" course guides you through the first steps of learning via 500 exercises.

The more advanced levels are equally covered with exercises to understand the main arguments of a debate, even to grasp the nuances between different points of view expressed.


Can it be used in class?

For teachers, this is another tool available for your digital teaching. The videos deal with recurring themes in French language courses: talking about yourself, your family, the environment, human rights. The use of a phone avoids any issues with hardware limitations in the classroom, and there is a video download functionality for offline use, should there be no Internet connection available.

The mobile app is also a way to explore the principles of the reverse classroom. Learners gain autonomy by exploring themes that they enjoy in addition to classroom work.

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