Film your neighbourhood! The 5th edition of this competition is now open with the theme: "To be 20 years old".

Closes 30th April 2021
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As a channel covering territories, popular culture and local interest, France 3, its regional channels, and FranceTV slash, the young adult’s media from France Televisions are mobilizing for the fifth edition of the Filme ton quartier competition.

This competition, open to everyone French-speaking from the age of 16, promotes access to the world of television and digital media, celebrates the diversity of France, the Francophonie and highlights new talents.

Set up by the documentary unit of France televisions and Francetv SLASH, in association with the Fondation Engagement Médias pour les Jeunes, TV5MONDE and in partnership with the platforms MOUV and YARD media, the competition this year is to make a documentary of 3.5 minutes max. on the theme "To be 20 years old".

What does it mean to you to be 20 years old in the midst of a global pandemic, in an ever-changing world?

A fragile daily life, uncertain dreams or the best age of your life, against all odds?

Rocking moment (s)? Connections, disconnection or reconnection? Perhaps the beginnings of engagement in life and/or the struggles to re-enchant the world?

Or a whole different story… Tell us.

Whatever your age, explore your neighbourhood, your city or your village, your mountains or your beaches, shoot and send your films.

The competition is open to amateurs and professionals as long as you are French-speaking and live in mainland France, overseas territories, Europe or Africa.

Films can be made with a camcorder, camera or smartphone. The duration of the films is 3 minutes 30 maximum.

Submit your videos until April 30, 2021.


The Prizes 

10 winners will each receive €3,000 and will see their film broadcast on France 3's channels, the channel's regional sites and on Francetv SLASH.

The jury will also award the first prize of a writing grant of € 7,000.

The Youth Media Engagement Foundation will award its prize and provide a financial endowment of € 5,000 as well as a professional camera.

Francetv SLASH will also award its prize in the form of a writing agreement in the amount of € 3,000.

MOUV will award a prize and TV5MONDE will award a prize and an endowment of 3000 €

YARD media will award 5 “YARD favourites” films: the 30 pre-selected directors will be invited to a special YARD School day “Film your neighbourhood”.

All details for registration will be on www.filmetonquartier.fr, participation will take place by filling out the form and stating the url of their video posted on YouTube.

Production: France 3, France tv slash: Gwénaëlle Signaté and Antonio Grigolini, Youth Media Engagement Foundation: Melvina Mestre and Nilou Soyeux and the participation of Un Monde Meilleur: Carole Mirabello.

Documentary unit: Emmanuel Migeot- Clémence Coppey

Department of regional offices and programmes: Philippe Martinetti and Olivier Daube




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