All the wonders of French on your doorstep with the Alliance Française!

Autumn 2020
Alliance Française!

Throughout the UK, a wide network of 11 Alliances Françaises (and 2 Instituts Français!) bring the very best of French language and culture to your very doorstep. From French courses to cultural events and libraries, this network can make you feel as though France is just around the corner.

Around the world, there are 1,016 Alliances Françaises and Institut Français in 135 countries with around 500,000 students learning French at any one time!

The institutions have adapted to the current situation by offering online classes, using professional learning platforms with interactive features to maintain the quality of teaching.

You can learn in a group or one-to-one, with courses covering general French as well as more specific topics and classes for younger learners too. And for those who want proof of their French level, those organisations are also official exam centres with many sessions throughout the year.

So whether you’re stuck for words after “Bonjour,” want to discover the latest French cinema treats, or tick a few French classics off your “to read” list, they will extend their warmest French welcome and show you around your local French language centre, library, or cultural venue.

Each year, thousands of people are attracted by the quality of their service, so why not give them a go?

Click here to find out more about the UK network of Alliances Françaises 


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