TV Series

TV Series

They were wrong to think she was just a figurehead. Struggles, betrayals, everyday male chauvinism and office politics: dive into the 60s seen through the eyes of a female star of French TV.

The series takes places in Cognacq-Jay, legendary home of French television, where the first French TV channel saw the light…as well as TV5MONDE !

Directed by: Laurent Tuel (season 1, France, 2018)
Screenplay: Nicole Jamet, Véronique Lecharpy, Sylvain Saada, Valentine Milville, José Caltagirone
Cast: Marie Gillain (Christine Beauval), Guillaume de Tonquédec (Pierre Beauval), Grégory Fitoussi (Éric Jauffret), Christiane Millet (Michèle Pavi), Barbara Probst (Isabelle Auclair), Anne-Sophie Soldaini (Colette Beauval), Baptiste Carrion-Weiss (Jean-Claude Beauval), Clément Aubert (Philippe Lefebvre), Jean-Yves Chatelais (Joseph Darnet)
Genre: drama

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