Pour Sarah

TV Series

TV Series

Returning from an evening out, former childhood friends Sarah and Cédric have a serious car accident. In addition to the physical injury, this marks the start of a medical, legal and emotive conflict which brings members of the two families, once friends, into conflict.

Directed by: Éric Tessier (Canada, 2015)
Screenplay: Michelle Allen, based on the work by François Rozon
Cast: Marianne Fortier (Sarah), Félix-Antoine Duval (Cédric), Sylvain Marcel (Luc), Hélène Florent (Judith), Patrice Robitaille (Donald), Brigitte Lafleur (Annie), Alyssa Labelle (Manu), Guillaume Gauthier (Gégé), Romane Denis (Lola)
Genre: drama
Parental guidance: TV-PG

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