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TV Series

TV Series

Crime mystery drama series starting with a wedding ending with the bride's suicide..

It's Sandra and William's wedding and the whole family is at her mother's restaurant for the event including her sister Alice who is back from Australia for the occasion. Then tragedy strike as just hours after the ceremony, the bride is found dead at the bottom of a cliff. Is it an accident, suicide, or is it murder?

Directed by: Marwen Abdallah (France, 2018)
Screenplay: Jeanne Le Guillou, Bruno Dega
Cast: Alexia Barlier (Alice), Cristiana Reali (Claire), Lannick Gautry (Vincent), Patrick Catalifo (Guy), Alexandra Vandernoot (Géraldine), Stéphane Freiss (Étienne), Constance Labbé (Camille), Guillaume Duhesme (William), David Baïot (Benjamin), Stefan Godin (Pierre), Sophie de La Rochefoucauld (Cathy), Selma Kouchy (Yasmina), Joyce Bibring (Sandra), Laurent Fernandez (Marc), Thomas Drelon (Fabio), Claire-Lise Lecerf (Blandine), Julien Faure (Fabien), François Sciolla (Anthony), Romain Paul (Simon)
Genre: drama

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