Meutres à l’Île de Ré



In Saint-Martin-de-Ré, at the former boarding point for convicts en-route for Cayenne, a dead man is discovered, wearing prison clothing. Assigned a delicate case as the victim had links with the public prosecutor, Vincent Pelletier also has his half-sister looking to reopen the case of their father, imprisoned in Saint-Martin.
Directed by: François Basset, Jules Maillard (France, 2016)
Screenplay: Marie Deshaires, Catherine Touzet
Cast: Bruno Salomone (Vincent Pelletier), Lucie Lucas (Margaux Pelletier), Théo Frilet (Robin Garnier), Christophe Odent (Philippe Clergeau), Aude Candela (Céline Jardin), Jean-Michel Noirey (Serge Pelletier), Virgil Davin (Frédéric Aubert)
Genre: detective

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