Maman a tort

TV Series

TV Series

When a three-and-a-half-year-old boy tells a school psychologist Vasile that his mother is not his real mommy, she seeks the help of a police captain who's reluctant to take on the case as she's already occupied by a major robbery investigation..

Directed by: François Velle (France, 2018)
Screenplay, adaptation, dialogues: Véronique Lecharpy, François Velle, based on Michel Bussi
Cast: Anne Charrier (Marianne), Pascal Elbé (Papy), Sophie Quinton (Amanda), Camille Lou (Angie), Samuel Theis (Vasile), Emmanuel Bonami (Zerda), Gil Alma (Jibé), Sébastien Libessart (Dimitri), Tom d'Ornano (Malone), Xavier Hosten (Timo), Ibrahim Koma (Lucas), Samira Lachhab (Bourdaine)
Genre: detective
Awards: prize for best actress (Anne Charrier), Séries Mania festival 2018

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