TV Series

TV Series

December 2012. After ten years of war, the French troops are preparing to leave Afghanistan. The soldiers are happy to return home with the exception of a small group, the Black Cats, who have something to finish off before leaving ...
Director, screenplay: Fred Scotlande (France, 2016)
Charlie Bruneau (Julie), Olivier Charasson (Padre), Arthur Defays (Gueule d'ange), Gregory Montel (Bellech), Fred Scotland (Dostali), Fabrice Scott (Ghost), Sébastien Lalanne Berchaye), Damien Bonnard (Ben), Blaide Ba (N'Goma), Bastien Bernini (Al), Paco Boublard (Toledano), Guillaume Carcaud (Bronsky)
Genre: drama
Parental guidance: not recommended for children under 10 (-10)

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