TV Series

TV Series

Following the life and investigations of Commissioner Fred Cain; forceful, determined, with quirky sense of humour…and in a wheelchair - a fact he never hesitates to exploit to ignore the standard rules and regulations...and the law.

Season 3 of this ever-popular series starts 6th Feb!

Season 3 Ep 1: Guilty
Allard, a retired cop, has terminal cancer. He knows his days are numbered and has but one regret: dying without solving a number of murders. A crime linked to one of his old investigations provides him an opportunity to assist Caïn...

Directed by: Thierry Petit (France, season 3, 2014)
Screenplay: Claude Scasso
Cast: Bruno Debrandt (Caïn), Julie Delarme (Lucie Delambre), Frédéric Pellegeay (Jacques Moretti), Smadi Wolfman (Elizabeth Stunia), Mourad Boudaoud (Borel), Davy Sanna (Ben), Pascal Légitimus (Allard), Serge Gisquière (Hervé Montoit)
Genre: thriller

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