TV Series

TV Series

A fascinating journey across belief and science.

Neurosurgeon Valérie Rossier has just returned to her birthplace in Gruyère (Switzerland). Starting her new job in a famous clinic, she undergoes strange experiences which, little by little, reveal her healing powers…

Directed by: Pierre Monnard (Switzerland, 2016)
Screenplay: Pilar Anguita-Mackay
Cast: Natacha Régnier (Valérie Rossier), Didier Bezace (Wassermann), Isabelle Caillat (Iseult), Iannis Jaccoud (Lucas), Donovan Oberson (Jacques), Jean-Christophe Nigon (Bailly), Patrick Lapp (Josef), Claude-Inga Barbey (Bénédicte), Raphael Roger Levy (Nicolas), Baptiste Coustenoble (Alex), Camille Figuereo (Anne)
Genre: drama

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