Alphonse président

TV Series

TV Series

The President of the French Republic has mysteriously disappeared! Amandine Barzati, the Prime Minister, and Paul Danglard, Minister of the Interior, decide to say that he is ill. Meanwhile, the senators elect the president of the Senate. An unexpected candidate is chosen: Alphonse Dumoulin.
Directed by: Nicolas Castro (season 1, France, 2017)
Screenplay, dialogues: Nicolas Castro, Ludovic Abgrall, Hugo Benamozig, Victor Rodenbach
Cast: Michel Vuillermoz (Alphonse Dumoulin), Nabiha Akkari (Amandine Barzati), Alexandre Blazy (Jeff), Bruno Gouery (Julien), Jean-Michel Lahmi (Philippe Danglard), Michaël Vander-Meiren (Bison), Yann Josso (Etchegaray), Ronan Cheviller (Paul Sorac), Didier Royant (Martineau), Caroline Ferrus (Pamela)
Genre: comedy

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