Venise sous la neige



Things aren't going well between Christophe and Patricia. She suspects him of infidelity while he is obsessed with finding funding for his next play. His last hope is his wealthy childhood friend Jean-Luc, who invites him to stay for the weekend. But Patricia intends to be difficult.
Directed by: Elliott Covrigaru (France, 2016)
Freely adapted from Gilles Dyrek´s play.
Cast: Élodie Fontan (Nathalie), Arthur Jugnot (Jean-Luc), Juliette Arnaud (Patricia), Olivier Sitruk (Christophe), Andrée Damant (tatie), Franck de Lapersonne (Dominique), Michaël Gregorio (Adrien), Dominique Besnehard (the producer), Pauline Deshons (Léonore)
Genre: comedy

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