Monsieur Paul



1972. When the nazi Klaus Barbie, the ''Butcher of Lyon'', surfaces in Argentina, the reporter Franck Jourdan learns of Paul Touvier, a chilling character central to the atrocities committed in Lyon during the Occupation. He plans to flush out Touvier and have him tried for crimes against humanity.
Directed by: Olivier Schatzky (France, 2015)
Screenplay: Dominique Garnier
Cast: Laurent Gerra (Franck Jourdan), François Morel (Paul Touvier), Hélène Alexandridis (Monique Touvier), Madalina Constantin (Yaël Klein), Geoffroy Thiebaut (Henri Jeanblanc), Sophie-Charlotte Husson (Jeanne Jourdan), Isabelle Renauld (Marianne G.), Olivier Massart (Alban Vistel)
Genre: history
Parental guidance: TV-PG

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