Les délices du monde



The Tastes of the World association is evicted from its premises on hygiene grounds. A place to meet up and enjoy culinary chitchat, above all the association gives local women a few hours' freedom away from their family obligations. Determined to recover their premises, its president Diminga rallies the members.
Directed by: Alain Gomis (France, 2012)
Screenplay: Alain Gomis, Cécilia Rouaud
Cast: Ndeye Seynabou Séné (Diminga), Zohra Benali (Mounia), Nozha Khouadra (Samia), Scali Delpeyrat (the deputy mayor), Corinne Masiero (the mayor), Mhamed Arezki (Majid), Bass Dhem (Lexou), Cathy Min-Jung (Eun-Jo)
Genre: comedy

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